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ECO Alphabet: Week 26: Z

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Z is the last letter of the alphabet, and I am writing this in the last week of the year.

So, I decided to make this a recap of the year.

Honestly, I couldn't come up with a sustainable Z word.

A: Adhesive: How to properly dispose of different types of tape and glue, and how to make your own glue.

B: Balloons: The impact of balloons, and alternative options.

C: Compost: How-to make your own compost

D: Disinfect: The impact of regular cleaning products, and how to choose eco-friendly products

E: Endangered Species: Description, Why so many species are going extinct, and how you can help

F: Fast Fashion: Description, impact, and alternatives

G: Groceries: How to green shop

H: Hygiene: The impact of regular hygiene products, and how to choose eco-friendly products

I: Industrial Waste: Explains how 50% of pollution is from factories and industrial practices like construction, and provides tips on how to build green.

J: Junkyards: Explains how junkyards create storm water pollution, and how to choose a good junkyard.

K: K-Cups: Describes the negative effects of Kuerig pods and what the company is doing to directly combat the eco problem. Also, sustainable coffee practices.

L: Local: How shopping local will lower your carbon footprint.

M: Money: Sustainable tips to save the planet and save you money!

N: Netflix: My top favorite Netflix documentaries about conservation.

O: Oil (Palm): Explains the high use of palm oil in our everyday lives, the unsustainable harvesting of palm oil, and how to look for it on food labels.

P: Plastic Wrap: Provides plastic wrap alternatives

Q: Questions: This is where I answered commonly asked questions from ya'll about an eco-friendly lifestyle

R: The 4 R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The importance of refusing single-use products.

S: Solar: The benefits of having solar power

T: Travel: The in on sustainable airlines, green transportation, and green accomodation

U: Up-cycling: What up-cycling is and tips on what to do

V: Volunteering: How volunteering can save the planet

W: Wrapping Paper: Ideas on sustainable gift wrapping

X: X-out: A list of sustainable goals that you can x-out as you go!

Y: Youth: How are youth are going to be the one's to save our home

I hope you've enjoyed the ECO Alphabet and have implemented my tips into your life. I can't wait to see the next sustainable adventure we will go on together!

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