The Backstory

Going into college I had a plan for my entire life. So much has changed since then... My plan was to follow my 5-year-old dream of being an aquatic veterinarian. Within a year and a half of animal science classes at Berry college (forever a viking! <3) I realized it wasn't for me, so I transferred to Eckerd College to focus on Marine Biology. After a semester I realized I did not want to be stuck in a lab my whole life either. I decided to take a year off to discover myself and figure out what study I miss or what path I want to follow.​

During this time off I finally discovered this wandering, gypsy soul I have while falling more and more in love with the ocean.

The Process

During this year off, I went through a couple different restaurant jobs, volunteered at the Florida Aquarium, and created a whole new life. I was that 20 yr old that left to discover herself and attempted to figure out how this whole adulting thing works (has anyone ever actually figured that out??). I learned that I love to talk to people and to tell stories. I learned that I am extremely passionate about conservation, and inspiring the public to make a difference. I discovered my need for travel, and my curiosity of the life lived by others around the world. I grasped the fact that I am mature, unique and special and that I CAN do that thing! I also learned that I'm still a kid and I have a lot more learning to do. I am now 24 and a graduate from Kennesaw State University and a scuba divemaster! My boyfriend and I are currently in Costa Rica on a work-stay experience! Check out my blogs to be updated on our trip. 

The  Dream

My dream is to travel the world as a scuba instructor while promoting others to conserve our incredible God blessed Earth. I want to show people first hand how we are affecting our oceans. While doing this I want to inspire people to "Be Free To Be You!" - maybe start a new movement.

I have taken one step further to figuring out whom I am, now it's your chance to join me!

My philosophy of life is enjoyment. You should love everything that you do. If your heart and soul isn’t into it than why are you doing it? I don’t want to just show people this way of thinking, I want to transform them. I want to leave a mark on everyone that I meet. I want to push them to be their very best and to love it.

I am going to leave you with this.

  • Even though you're just 1 person, everything you do makes a difference.

  • The day is only going to be as good as you make it.

  • Smile. Laugh. Let those happy thoughts lift you up, and let you compass lead you.

Lots of Love,

Alexia Gonzalez <3 :)

The Gypsy del Oceano

Updated: Sept 26, 2021