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ECO Alphabet: Week 10: Junkyards

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

How do I properly get rid of my junk???

Well, let me tell you!

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What is a Junkyard/ Salvage Yard?

It is a place that contains a lot of junk... i.e. automobiles, electrical appliances, batteries, furniture, etc.

#1 Problem = storm water pollution and soil contamination

These problems originate from the mishandling of your junk leading to the release of harsh chemicals to the environment, like:

  • Gasoline

  • Diesel

  • Oil

  • Transmission, Power Steering, and Brake Fluids

  • Gear Oil

  • Lead from batteries

  • Refrigerants from A/C units (chloroflourocarbons)

  • Sodiumazide from airbags

  • Mercury from light switches

When rain or flooding occurs these pollutants are washed away into the environment then effecting plant growth, oxygen concentrations, water temperatures, and benthic communities...

How-to Pick a Good Junkyard

  1. Make sure they have a storm water permit. This requires the company to have a storm water pollution prevention plan.

  2. Use a You-Pull-It Center/ Vehicle Recycler (Part recycling, part inventory). These companies will remove harmful contaminants before allowing vehicles to sit in yard, inventory all parts that can be reused, recycle all parts that cannot be reused, and they pay you even if your appliance doesn't run. An example of a good company is My Auto Store.



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I think people should be aware of these things also, they should throw the unnecessary junk to the junkyards so that they will have a clean and spacious residence. Some companies offer rubbish removal services and some offer junk car removal services, you can call any of them to clean up the junk from your residence.

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