ECO Alphabet: Week 9: Industrial Waste

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

50% of all pollution is from factories and manufacturing.

Industrial practices contribute to atmospheric, soil, and water pollution as well as effects on human health and wildlife extinction.

It is also a large contributor to increases in CO2 (a greenhouse gas) ------> global warming

When companies reach out to/make their development headquarters in third-world countries there is a much higher release of toxin due to leniency and low-costs (like fast fashion companies).


Research by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) states that construction contributes to

  • 23% of air pollution

  • 50% of climate change

  • 40% of drinking water pollution

  • 50% of landfill wastes

  • 40% of world energy

Although construction leads to many demons, there are also benefits including: erosion & sediment controls and soil stabilization.

It is important to build "green".

Sustainable Travel Tip:

If you are looking to stay in a "green", "eco-friendly", or "eco-tourism" hotel, check with them to see how their building was constructed, how they dispose of waste, and what kind of products they use.


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