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ECO Alphabet: Week 13: Money

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Let's save some MONEY!!!! $$$$$$$$$$ AND save the planet!!

1. Stop drinking bottled water

Plastic water bottles are on average $2 each. The average person uses 167 water bottles per year... That is $334 per year for water. If you buy a $20 metal water bottle, you will save $314 per year!!

2. Carpool

Less air pollution, less noise pollution, less carbon emission, less green house gas emission! If you have a longer commute (more than 12 miles) and carpool about 250 days of the year, you will save $1,500 or more on gas and car maintenance!

3. Light Bulbs

Substitute your old light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. These are 75% more efficient: although they cost more, they last 6x longer than regular light bulbs! This can also reduce an average light bill from $264/year to $66/year.

4. Reuse & Re-purpose EVERYTHING

5. Buy Used Instead of New

6. Run your Dishwasher only when it's Full

7. Use Cloth Napkins/Towels

The US, on average, uses about 13 billion pounds of paper towels per year... If each household used one less 70-sheet roll of paper towels, about 554,000 trees could be saved. If you cut paper towels and use cloth towels instead you can save about $182 per year!

The problem of water waste then comes into play... wash your towels once a week and you will still help the planet more than hurt it.

8. Buy Less Food

How often do you find yourself tossing uneaten food that has gone bad in your fridge or pantry? At least once a month, right??

40% of purchased food is never eaten. Buy weekly instead of monthly. Buy less, eat less, waste less, save money, loose weight = 😊!

The impact on the environment is due to the inefficiencies of food packaging and shipping, which is not our fault. But, we can do our part by wasting less.

9. Insulate your water heater

Wrap your water heater in a water heater blanket so that your water heater can work less to heat your water. This can reduce 25-45% of heat loss. You can save 7-16% of water heating costs!

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