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ECO Alphabet: Week 20: Travel

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

I'm really excited for this post because it is about sustainability and travel!

My 2 favorite things!

Green travel begins before we actually even start travelling

Be sure to pack light. If you're flying this will help reduce the weight of the plane and the amount of fuel used, therefore reducing carbon emissions. Click here to read how to pack eco-friendly. Also, be sure to pack a reusable shopping bag to use at your destination. On the way back you can use it to carry your souvenirs.

If you need to buy any new products for your trip, make sure to recycle the packaging it came in.

Before you leave, turn off all the lights in the house. And, neutralize the thermostat: an empty house doesn't need to be hot or cold.

Green Transportation

The greenest transportation depends on distance...


| Buses

| Short Distance: Trains

| Couples & Solo Travelers: nonstop coach flights (most direct route as possible)

| Car Rental: choose the smallest vehicle possible


Click Here to check out eco-friendly airlines

Choose Green Accommodation Options

Reserve a green hotel. This is a hotel that has made it a point to reduce it's carbon footprint as much as possible by using renewable energy, reducing waste, and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. This is a great resource to find a green vacation rental.

If you can't stay at a green hotel, do your best to reduce your energy at normal hotels by making sure the lights are off when you're not using them, unplugging your chords when you leave the room, and bring reusable products so you don't have to use their single use ones.

Stay with friends! Not only is this a great time to catch up with people you haven't seen a while but you also save more carbon emissions.

When you are at your destination, try your best to use public transportation. It sometimes takes a bit longer, but you're travelling to experience the city right? So enjoy the ride and meet some new people on the way!

Last but not least, in your destination, shop local. You will help local businesses thrive and reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding imported goods.



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