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Sustainable Airlines

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Many airlines have realized their impact on the environment and are working hard to fix it!

Below is a list of sustainable airlines, and descriptions of 4 that are ahead of the game!

To learn how to reduce your waste while flying, click here.

  • #1 fuel-efficient airline in America

  • 54% lower passenger waste

  • They have replaced most of their single-use plastic

  • They have created a carbon offset program

  • Carbon-neutral flights

  • Click the link to learn more about their sustainability efforts



  • Reduced carbon emissions

  • Innovative sharktips to improve aerodynamics

  • Electric ground support: luggage cars, etc

  • On-board recycling

  • Composting on Terminal 5 at JFK airport in New York City

  • Reclaimed fabrics & electronics on board

  • More natural lights in terminals



Cathay Pacific

  • 25% lower carbon emissions per passenger compared to other airlines

  • "Europe's greenest & cleanest"

  • Most efficient operational procedures in the industry

  • Create reports of their CO2 emissions

  • Donate to conservation organizations

British Airways



Hi Fly

Virgin Atlantic


Air Canada

China Airlines

SAS Scandinavian Airlines

Cape Air

Click here to plan your entire eco-friendly trip.


I do not represent or am paid by any organization written above. I simply encourage a zero waste lifestyle and appreciate the notions they are making to a better planet <3

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