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How to reduce your waste when you fly

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Do you know how many people fly per day? 8 million! That's a whole lot!

1. Get you boarding pass on your phone.

Unless you’re saving your pass as a memory and scrapbooking it or something, save that paper! Most airlines will allow you to check-in online then text or email you your boarding pass.

2. Once you pass security, fill a reusable water bottle with whatever liquid you prefer from a soda machine.

That way you don’t have to get drinks from the flight attendants in the plastic cups!

3. Bring your own non-liquidy snacks in a reusable container.

It takes up some space, but then you can refill it for on your way back! AND you can use it as a small to go box as needed.

Check these out:

Best snack to carry around is fruit because it is created with a protective peel around it that you can just quickly rinse clean anywhere you are!

4. Use reusable toiletry bottles

Then you can fill the bottle with your regular shampoo/conditioner, etc. instead of using a generic brand travel sized bottle.

Although a lot of these items are still plastic, they are not single-use plastic. You can reuse them meaning that they will not end up in our environment. It is even better to find products with no plastic in them at all, but if you're traveling on a budget these will do as long as you promise to reuse them!

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