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ECO Alphabet: Week 12: Local

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

You often hear people say shopping local is good for the environment.

But do you know why?

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What is a Carbon Footprint?

Your carbon footprint is the total CO2 emissions you emit. So basically, the more miles the products you purchase travel the more CO2 is emitted.

Local stores are better at sustaining compact and vibrant town centers which reduces habitat loss and prevent less automobile use.

What else does shopping local benefit?

Shopping locally builds your local character and prosperity because they are building one-of-a-kind businesses which creates economic value. These businesses create strong communities.

Shopping local allows you to become a part of a web of economic and social relationships with your neighbors which can help build a strong community. It also allows you to contribute to local causes which helps contribute to well being of the community you live in overall.

When you shop local you contribute to locally owned businesses whom give back to the local economy which helps the whole community, as well as provides more jobs for locals.


The photo at the top of the page is of my favorite morning market. In Gulfport, Florida every Tuesday, Main St. is filled with vendors selling, fresh fruits and veggies, clothes, jewelry, baked goods, bags, doodads, and all sorts of fun stuff! When I lived in Florida, I would visit every week to get my grocery basics.

It is beautiful to make connections with people in your community and to know that you are supporting them on top of doing good for the planet. :)

I'm sure there are several markets in your town or a town near you. You can usually find the details in your newspaper or online.

Happy Shopping! :)

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