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ECO Alphabet-Week 1:Adhesive

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I LOVE tape! Tape and glue fix anything and everything! I bet you never thought of what to do after your done with it though...

tape, adhesive, conservation, eco friendly, sustainable lifestyle

How is Tape Made???

A special type of glue (thermoplastic, epoxy, toluene, etc) is applied to cellophane, paper, fabric, or any other substance and heated. It will then effectively bond to any other substance.

I first questioned this topic because since most tape is plastic or paper I thought I could recycle it. It turns out most adhesives you cannot recycle...

tape, adhesive, conservation, eco friendly, sustainable lifestyle, recycle, glue

Can I recycle things with adhesive on it???

Yes! As long as there is not excessive adhesive you can recycle boxes or items with it on it. When being recycled, machines will scrape off the tape.

Why are some recyclable and others not?

The glue on post-it notes, envelopes, stamps, and bottle/can liners are water soluble meaning that the glue on this items will dissolve during the recycling process.

How to recycle glue containers

There is a company that recycles glue containers: TerraCycle's Zero Waste Box

You can reach out to this company and they will send you a special container.

You must have about 60 items (glue bottles/sticks) before sending the box back to the company. (It is suggested to convince a local school to be the home of these collection boxes.)

BONUS: By doing this you will earn points toward a donation to a school or nonprofit organization of your choice!

They also have many other zero waste boxes to choose from including coffee capsules, disposable gloves, Plastic Packaging, and more!

Alternatives to Tape/Glue

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