ECO Alphabet: Week 14: Netflix

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Best Ocean Documentaries on Netflix!

I have recently discovered that most people are either a documentary person or their not. There's no really in between. However, I think that as you grow up and learn more or just as your life changes you become more interested in what is happening in the world around you.

That's probably why as kids we thought our parents were so boring by watching the news, but by the time your 20ish you're probably watching it with them (I still think the news is boring...haha).

There's something special about ocean documentaries though. I think we all find the ocean even a little mysterious and magical.

Some are in love with it (me) and others just like to visit here and there, but everyone has had at least one great experience with the ocean.

Below I'm going to tell you about my favorite ocean documentaries on Netflix and why they captivate me so much! And at the end I'll mention one I don't like too much and why...

[Please realize that these documentaries can be considered depressing. It's all in how you look at them. Yes, they share some really sad information with us; however, because they have given that to us we now have the opportunity to fix what we have destroyed and save what we have hurt. AWARENESS is the first step in making a difference! So take this information and go change the world!]

Mission Blue

Let's begin with a super inspiring documentary. This movie is about Sylvia Earle, the first woman Marine Biologist.

She changed the scientific community for Women. Guys, don't think this is a feminism movie, she did a whole lot more than that!

She was the first woman to voyage across the ocean doing scientific research, she invented the Aqualung, she helped invent some submarines, she was the first person to go down to the ocean floor, and so much more!

This movie taps into her inspiration. It will inspire you to love the ocean as she does and will guide you to understand what we need to do to save our ocean.

You can learn more about her Mission Blue by visiting her website.

Plastic Ocean

Okay.. This one is a bit on the more depressing side. They really show you 'the bottom of the iceberg'. There are places with plastic you would never, ever expect to find it!

If you've ever been curious to how bad the plastic problem really is, you'll see it here.

Every piece of plastic ever made is still on the planet. There is no such thing as "away".

You know how when you train a dog or a child, you can either scare them into behaving or reward them into behaving?

Well, this is more of the negative reinforcement.