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ECO Alphabet: Week 22: Volunteering

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Is there any other better way to help out the world than by volunteering???

Whether it's for people in need, special events, or to save the Earth, volunteering is one of the best ways to help your cause!

In this post we are going to specifically talk about volunteering to save the planet! 🌎

Finding organized volunteer opportunities seems to be the easiest way to get involved, right? But, it's hard to run into to them without looking...

Honestly, if I have the urge to volunteer, I simply google "Clean-ups in City, State" and see what is happening near by!

But, the best and most effective way to volunteer is to just go make a difference!

Whatever do I mean???

Well, go for a walk and pick up any trash you see. If you can remember an area near you that tends to be littered, grab a trash bag and some friends and go take care of it!

Of course remember to take photos before and after! And tag #gypsiesfortheplanet #gypsiesfortheocean and/or #gypsydeloceano

Very important note: you don't have to have a group of people to volunteer! YOU can make a difference! Just YOU!

Another way to get involved is to check out your city's local events and movements. You can find these on their newsletters, newspapers, magazines, or websites. Find out if you can help a local farmer's market, plant some trees, or maybe something else!

How can I spread an eco-friendly message without being "annoying"?

#1: Don't force anyone to do anything. Nobody wants to do something they are told to do... it needs to be their idea! So make suggestions and share your excitement about conservation, so that they can come up with the idea of also saving it.

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