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Ecopreneurship: An Introduction to Starting a Business That Saves the Planet

If you’re business-minded and care about environmental issues such as global warming, water pollution, and deforestation, ecopreneurship could be the perfect career move for you.

As an ecopreneur, you’ll create products and services that better the world we live in — like eco-friendly cosmetics, plant-based milks, cheeses, and meats, and other items that promote a sustainable lifestyle. Green business ideas also include services such as energy consulting, home composting, and grant writing.

What is Ecopreneurship?

Ecopreneurs focus the bulk of their efforts on social and environmental impact before financial profitability. These entrepreneurs are passionate about creating sustainable products and services that solve common environmental issues.

Ecopreneurs are entrepreneurs who create eco-friendly products and services that improve the lives of people and animals, while reducing environmental impact.

● Some of the most environmentally friendly companies around include Beyond Meat, Patagonia, Green Toys, PELA, Arbonne, and YesStraws.

● Different types of green businesses include xeriscaping, energy auditing, and green cleaning.

Tips for Starting a Green Business During COVID-19

Saving the planet starts with business-minded nature lovers just like you. Here are some things to know about starting a green business amidst COVID-19.

● A COVID-preneur is anyone who starts a business during the pandemic. And companies like ZenBusiness can help you with everything from forming and running your business to growing it over time.

● Choose an environmental issue you’re passionate about, whether it’s waste disposal, climate change, or marine pollution.

● Write a business plan, just as you would for any other type of startup. Your plan should include things like an executive summary, market analysis, and business financials.

● Pursue green certifications as proof of your commitment to the environment.

Thrive as an Ecopreneur

Starting a green business is just the beginning of your journey. Here are some tips to thrive as an ecopreneur.

● Follow sustainable living blogs like this one, Gypsy del Oceano, to learn about conservation topics such as recycling, packaging, plastic pollution, and sustainable shopping.

● Regularly post content to your social media pages.

● Join professional organizations like the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO) and North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE).

● Use green strategies to market your business to environmentally conscious consumers.

Ecopreneurs are needed now more than ever before, especially as Earth continues to warm and our air, land, oceans, and lakes become more and more polluted. But fortunately, getting started as an ecopreneur is easier than you’d think. As long as you’re passionate about saving the planet and have a knack for doing business, you could help to resolve some of the greatest environmental issues we’re facing today!

Are you passionate about saving the oceans and living a sustainable lifestyle? Continue to explore this site to learn about conservation, eco-friendly travel, diving, and more! If you have valuable content you would like to share, email and maybe we can get you published on this site! :)

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