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Guide to Sustainable Purchases

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Sustainability is when we are able to meet the needs of the present without hindering the needs of the future (Investopedia).

Everything we buy some how makes our life a little easier. And, we also like to get those items the easiest way possible.

Convenience has become the goal of every business chain. But, convenience, although great for us, has some pretty bad repercussions behind the curtain that makes all of the 'instant magic' happen.

In order to get products quickly, they need to be made quickly and cheaply, and travel from whenever they were made in the world to your door as fast as possible.

Products that are cheap and fast are usually made where the labor is cheap, like Asia or South America, then packaged in another country, and then sent to you. Thousands of miles were traveled, and thousands of miles of carbon was emitted to get that item to you. This is where we need to decide what is really worth the price...a few more dollars or a few more pounds of carbon in the air.

I have created a Flow Guide to help you make those purchasing decisions more sustainable ones. Save the planet one item at a time!

Download the PDF below the picture, for an interactive version that will take you to other blog posts explaining each section :)

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Download PDF • 99KB

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