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What NOT to Recycle

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Most people know the basics of recycling: paper, plastic, metal, and glass....

But let's get into what you can't recycle that you might think you can...

  • Pizza Boxes: because of the grease. It basically stains the cardboard, and won't come out..

  • Any foil lids to plastic containers like the tops of k-cups, yogurt, apple sauce, ect. 

  • Most Styrofoams...check for the recycle symbol on it

  • Plastic grocery bags 

  • Plastic Tape (You CAN recycle paper tape, and stickers)

  • K-cups (they get caught in the machines and don't break down in them... the company is working on fixing that though. You can see my post about it)

  • The county I live in no longer recycles glass unless we take it to a specific drop off location, check with your city if you can recycle glass. 

  • Balloons

  • Plastic Wrap

  • Straws (Too small to be processed, and just go through the machines.) Make sure to take them out of your recycling and throw them away, or preferably just don't use them at all. 

Make sure you rinse out anything before recycling it. If it has food residue, chemicals, soap, or is dirty they will throw it away instead of recycling it. 

Anything else you may be curious if you can recycle or not, you can google "what can I recycle in insert city name here, insert state" and a page should come up!

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