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The Do's and Don't's of Bali

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Bali is the most beautiful place I have traveled to as of April 2020. I fell in love with the island, and I would love to go back for a longer period of time!

Bali was also my first solo trip. I visited for 2 weeks by myself to meet up with 50 people I had only met through the internet for a conference. Sounds pretty wild, huh? It was!

I always carry a travel journal when I go anywhere besides home, to write down special memories,or things to keep in mind in the future. I feel safer wandering around Bali than I do the streets of Atlanta, but there are some things to remember when going. Here are some of the tips & tricks to not only surviving, but falling in love with Bali!


  • Pay more than 400,000 IDR for a taxi from the airport (Seminyak) to Ubud.

  • Overpay in general. You can barter for most things. Maybe not food though.

  • Drive on the right side of the road.

  • Drink the tap water! Only drink bottled water unless you boil it first. There should be kettles in any room you stay at.

  • Stay at the L'amore Hotel in Seminyak - it's nasty. Just don't do it. If you have questions, email me.

  • Go souvenir shopping till the end of your trip to carry less around.

  • Touch the Monkeys

  • Hold items you're not willing to loose around the monkeys. They will take it. They also pick-pocket.

  • Fight the monkeys if they steal your stuff. Let them have it.

  • Try to hike up to the Gates of Heaven (Pura lempuyang). Take the taxi!

  • Try to take a motorbike taxi with a suitcase!

  • Get in a taxi if it's not a Bluebird! Bluebird taxis are a light blue and have a meter: meaning you know exactly how much you owe them for the distance you went. There are other blue taxis barely darker than Bluebird, to trick you, that do not have a meter and will tell you one price when you get in, and a more expensive one when you arrive and not let you out until you pay that.


  • exchange at least $250 U.S. dollars at the airport and carry it in a safe, non-obvious container deep in your bag. There is no guarantee that the ATMs around the island work.

  • Download GoJek for motorbike taxis (just like Uber, but pay cash after the ride)

  • Negotiate with Taxi's

  • Rent a motor bike to explore the island (especially the less crowded Nusa islands) (should be around 70,000 IDR per day)

  • Go on a snorkeling trip (around 150,000 IDR : $10 US)

  • Eat a lot! It's cheap and delicious

  • Go to the Uluwatu Temple & make sure to have a driver that will take you back after the traditional Balinese dance - the taxis don't go out that far.

  • Bring charcoal pills to combat Bali Belly (stomach sickness from the water - basically food poisoning). You will get this, but the charcoal will take it away within 20 min - 2 hours.

  • Go to the Gates of Heaven! BRING CASH WITH YOU for the 20,000 IDR taxi ride up the mountain, the 10,000 IDR sarong rental to get in the temple, and around 5,000 IDR to use the bathroom if you need it. (Hint: The temple for the famous picture is the 1st one of 4)

  • Drink a Bintang - the Bali beer!

  • Participate in a beach cleanup! 4Ocean's headquarters is in Bali!

  • Take a travel journal!

Bali has so much to offer, and I only got to see a piece of it! I can't wait to back and see more of this amazing place! <3

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