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A Short Instagram Guide to Bali

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

1. Gates of Heaven

This is the highest point in Bali. From these gates, you can see the peak of Mount Batur, the active volcano. Sadly, I went on a cloudy day, but it was still such a gorgeous site.

You can find the gates in Pura Lemponyang at the Lempur Temple.

This temple is comprised of 4 temples - the gates are at the first!

Bring extra cash for drinks, snacks, sarong rental, the bathroom, and the shuttle back down.Your taxi is only allowed to bring you up the mountain to a certain point, then you can take a shuttle up the rest of the way for 20,000 IDR per person. I strongly suggest taking the shuttle and not walking! Trust me!...I walked half of it.... The shops near by also charge for the restrooms, about 5,000 IDR. You can rent a sarong for 10,000 - you must have a sarong on in the temple: knees and shoulders covered at all times.

2. Ubud Giant Swing/Nests

I wish I able to actually go here! These photos are not of me, but since I know I'll be back in Bali one day, I thought I'd share. The swing does get quite crowded, so be prepared to be there for a few hours. This is such a popular location that you can any taxi driver can take you there.

dream beach, bali swing, bali, wanderprenuer, adventure

3. Dream Beach

This is on the SW corner of Nusa Lembongan (an island off of Bali). I suggest staying on the island for at least a weekend to explore. Nusa Lembingan and Ceningan are very small and you can easily get around on a motor bike (Rental ~70,000 IDR for a day ($5 USD)).

Dream Beach is owned by a resort, but beach access is free.

4. Kelingking Beach

Again, I wish I could've gone here also! Kelingking Beach and 1000 Island Viewpoint (below) are both on Nusa Penida. I only had enough time to do a snorkel trip to Manta Point and not actually explore the island... However, I will be back!!

5. Thousand Island Viewpoint

Nusa Penida is the largest of the 3 Nusa Islands, and there is no bridge connecting it. You must take a speedboat over. I would suggest making a full day trip and renting a motor bike on the island. Penida is also much less populated than the other Nusa islands, and therefore less roads. There are several day trips you can book from your hotel in Lembingan if you want to do that.

6. Monkeys!

You have 2 official options to see monkeys (Monkeys are everywhere): Uluwatu Temple and Ubud Monkey Forest

The Uluwatu Temple is in the southern most tip of Bali. Going here is not just for monkeys, but for a cultural experience. There is a tradition balinese dance show at 6pm every night. Coming into the temple, you will pay a 30,000 IDR entrance fee, then they will lend you a sarong (both men and women must wear). You can then explore the temple as you wish!

SECURE YOUR BELONGS FROM THE MONKEYS! They know how to pick pocket, and if they take something from you, do not try to get it back. It is theirs now. I found this lovely lady who will give you fruit to feed them, and then you can touch them. DO NOT TOUCH THE MONKEYS WITHOUT A DISTRACTION. Just to be safe.

The Monkey Forest is in Ubud in the centerish of Bali. There is a 50,000 IDR entrance fee. The forest is large and so beautiful! It's like a super cool jungle castle. They are much more strict here with the monkeys, but if one comes to you, cool!

rice terraces, bali rice field, bali, wanderprenuer, adventure, gypsy

7. Rice Terraces

You can find Rice Terraces all over Bali. If you are looking for the big ones you see in all of the photos, those are in Ubud. You can pay for a tour via Air Bnb or ask any taxi driver.

I saw mine for FREE! They were behind the Bloomsfield Hotel in Umalas. You can find them all over Bali, so just ask t pull over if you see one.

Be careful walking on them. The dirt is a bit squishy and narrow and wet.


I hope you get some great shots! And let me know if find some new great ones!

Goodluck! :)

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