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Say NO to PLASTIC Straws!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

With the media focusing on straws so much these days, you already know the problem. Or, at least you think you do: "Straws kill sea turtles."

That is the only thing the public holds onto. And if you're not a big sea turtle lover, you don't care because you love straws more than sea turtles. But, it's more than just sea turtles...

I love straws! I'm not going to just stop using straws. What is a frozen concoction without a straw? It's hard to drink, that's what it is!

But, I am going to stop using one-time plastics. (Here is where I'm going to get into the stats).

  • 500 million straws are used every single day in the USA alone.

  • ZERO plastic straws are truly recyclable.

  • It takes over 500 years for plastic to decompose - your kid's kid's kid's kid's kid's kid's kid's kids will still be living with the plastic you use today.

  • Studies show that by 2050 there's going to be more plastic than fish in the oceans (that's in only 32 years!).

I know you've seen the all the videos of garbage in the ocean, on land, on animals, in animals. Why haven't you done anything about it yet? Why are you still using the products that are causing these issues?

I bet that within the past 48 hours you've been through a drive thru or to a restaurant that has given you & you have used a plastic straw, cup, or bottle without even thinking about it.


I'm not trying to make your life harder, I'm just trying to adjust your mindset. Grab that reusable water bottle or cup to refill, take reusable bags to the grocery store, keep some reusable metal straws in your bag that you can whip out at any moment for yourself or a friend.

I'm going to be honest with you. Sometimes I slip... Sometimes I forget my straws at home, sometimes I'm really craving a drink that happens to come in a plastic bottle. I almost never remember my reusable bags...I'm really ashamed at that one...

But, I do do my best stay on top of it and spread the word one step at a time!


I know that you think that one straw won't make a dent, but if everyone thinks that, that's a whole lot of straws that are now going to make a dent.

I'm going to help you help the world which will help everyone. Here is a link to purchase your own super hero straws. This pack comes with straight straws, bendy straws, straw cleaner brushes, and a bag that you can carry them around in! (And they come in colors! If you're a simple person you can get them all in silver too..)


When people see you rocking your straws you can get them hooked too!

It's a domino effect! You start and tell your friends, and they'll tell theirs, and so on until the whole world is doing it!

Let's save the planet one straw at a time!

Say NO to PLASTIC straws!

I'm not going to lie to you. That link is connected to my account, so if you buy them with that specific link above, I get a commission. Which means I can keep traveling and promoting my passion. I love the oceans! My dream job is to be able to make a difference by inspiring others make a difference! I can't do that without an income though... So if you don't buy them now, but want to later, use this link so that I can keep doing what I'm doing! I really appreciate your support! <3

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