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Reusable Pads

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Okay ladies! It is time to make our periods more sustainable.

According to National Geographic, about 5.8 billion tampons were bought in the U.S. alone in one year! I can't even imagine how many more pads were bought...

The unfortunate fact about pads and tampons, are that they are not sustainable! They tend to be lined with, fortified with, or packaged in plastic. They cannot be recycled, and will end up in the landfills creating carbon emissions. Tampons flushed down the toilet will usually end up in the ocean, adding to our ocean plastic problem...

Plastic, in general, takes about 500 years to decompose. Trillions of dirty pads and tampons will be circulating around on Earth for another 500 years beginning from the day you read this. Gross!!! (To read more about why you should care about the plastic problem, click here)

I can't control the period, but I can control the products I buy for it.

There is a craze about those menstrual cups, but if I'm being honest, they freak me out! I have had many friends say that they got stuck in them. I'm not about it...

I found an alternative! Reusable Pads!

Sounds gross... I know. But, they are not!

How many? Where to buy?

I bought an 8-pack on Amazon that included 4 long, 4 short, and a waterproof bag to put used ones in. They fold up nice and small with a snap. The same snap is used to wrap around your panties.

Comfortable? Do they show through jeans?

I was first worried about comfort and if they would show. Well, they are so soft and comfortable! Also, they do not show through my jeans! (I still get pantie line because I buy cheap underwear, but no pad lines to go with it.) I can assure you that they are not like a diaper.

How much do they hold?

I haven't had an issue with leaking yet. On my heavy day, I only used 2 of the long ones.


After changing them, put the used pad under the sink and run with cold water until the pad runs clear! It doesn't take too long. And then fold it up and put it in the bag! No smell!


And the best part, I can just throw them in with my laundry!

I paid about $20 for these, and I know they are going to last me at least a few years!

I'll be saving money, and saving the planet!

For other sustainable ways to save money, click here!



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