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No Croissants in France

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

But, Croissants were invented in France, right??

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In 2013 my family went on a European cruise to ports in Spain, France, and Italy.

We were docking in Nice on my 16th birthday. The one thing I wanted for my birthday was a real croissant from France... We walked into every single place related to food that we passed by, and nothing...

On the bus back to the ship we tried to ask some local teenage boys where we could get a croissant before we had to leave. After several minutes of sign language and google translate they laughed and responded in a thick French accent, "Ohhh, Croissanttt???", and then just shook their heads "No"....

croissants, France, bakery, delicious, birthday, happy birthday

I was so disappointed... We told the story back on the boat and the staff was surprised me with a special birthday croissant. :)

To this day I still tell the story to every French person I meet, and they laugh because there are always croissants in Paris.

So I guess the moral of the story is, if you want a croissant, go to Paris, not the coast.


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