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Let's Go Down to the Gershwin Theatre

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Hello, this is Karina Gonzalez (Gypsy's little sister). I was so lucky to be able to go to the Gershwin Theatre to see Wicked! As you may have read, I was in New York to take the Rockettes Summer Intensive, but this became the soul purpose of going to New York.

We were walking through the subway the first day we were there, and I saw a poster for Wicked. I literally screamed knowing that I would be seeing it that night! When we approached the Gershwin, I may have shed a few tears of happiness. Maybe. I saw a bunch of pictures on the columns of the theatre and saw my favorite Broadway princess, Kara Lindsay!

I got so excited thinking that she came back to Wicked and that I was going to see her that night, but when we got the the doors, I saw pictures of the current cast. My sister freaked out when she saw Kevin Chamberlin's picture (Bertram from Jessie). When we walked in, I went to the merchandise table right away. I saw these really cool joggers that said Shiz University with the Wicked logo on it. I wanted them so badly! They told us that they were out, but they probably had them on the next floor. I ran up there with my mom and we got those joggers.

We took our seats and I may have cried again when I looked at the stage. The set was amazing! Then the music started...and I cried again. Most people just watch the show, but I imagine myself IN the show. So, I cried multiple times during the performance.

The person who played Elphaba (Jackie Burns) was perfect! Her high notes were amazing! Her witch laugh was amazing! She was just great!!!

After the show, I went to the stage door. I had my playbill and I was super excited to get it signed. The first person who came out was Kevin Chamberlin and Alexia was starstruck. She will deny it, but I saw her face.

Anyway, when Amanda jane Cooper (Glinda) came out, I may have died. I obviously didn't because I am writing this, but I was really excited. She signed my playbill and when I took a picture with her, she complimented my dress! Ahhhhhh! I was really happy. Then after she left, Jackie Burns (As I mentioned earlier is Elphaba) came out of the stage door. Most of the time, you won't see both of the stars. I did!!!!!! She also signed my playbill and took a picture with me!

I was really sad when I had to leave. I kind of wanted to sneak in and camp out so that I could meet everyone and look backstage. On the way back to the apartment, I was singing Popular the entire walk. And the day after...and the day after...and the day after. I love Wicked...

(Alexia liked it too)

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