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7 must-do's in Oahu, Hawaii

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

You can get around the whole island in 2 hours, so there are plenty of adventures to go on! These are my favorite!

1) Hike the Kuli'ou'ou Ridge Trail

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Shout out to Daddy Gonzalez! <3

This trail is "not for beginners" is what my dad and I heard half way up the mountain. We chose a muddy day to hike one of the tallest ridges in Oahu (GREAT IDEA! REALLY was!). It was definitely challenging at parts, but completely attainable if you are decent at walking.

It took about 6 hours to go up and come back down.

The little scientist in me thought it was amazing to see the environment change on the way up. You can see it in the trees!

In the photos below you will see how more and more beautiful the hike got on the way up.

2) Polynesian Cultural Center

110% worth every penny!

This experience was so beautiful. They completely immerse you into the culture as soon as you step on the property! They even call you brother and sister.

They have small villages representing 6 Polynesian islands. Each one is full of performances. When I went, we got the package that includes a tour and the luau (dinner) and the big show at the end of the night.

The place is run completely by students from BYU-Hawaii (except the management). They have the opportunity to work right next to their campus and use their work to pay for their studies. Even though it's run by students, it feels 100% professional!

I can't say it enough!...This was an amazing experience and I strongly recommend it!

Here are a few videos from the experience, but you'll have to see it yourself!

3) Beach Clean-ups

Don't forget... I am a conservation enthusiast!

(Click Here to see my post about the cleanup I did in Hawaii)

It's pretty sad, but the beaches are covered in micro and macro plastics that have washed up from the Pacific Garbage Patch.

You don't need to do an official cleanup, but I ask you to take a few minutes to pick up what you see when you see it and clean the beaches a little bit.

You just saved one sea bird, turtle, fish, or any other creature that may try to eat something, or human that might step something.

4) Dole Plantation

Did you know there is more than 1 specie of pineapple??

This place has soo much to do!

  • World's Largest Maze

So they give you this little map (it doesn't help too much haha) and you try to find the checkpoint to stamp your card! It's just for pride and job well done, but it's super exciting to find all of them!

  • Plantation Garden Walking Tour

There is way more than just pineapples here! Papaya, Starfruit, Coffee, Chocolate, and more! If you've ever been curious what some exotic food grows on, you'll learn now! Or if not, it is still a beautiful walk.

  • Pineapple Express Train Tour

I didn't participate in this one, so I can't tell you any information it.

  • Shopping and Tasting

They have giant shop where you can get straight products, or like pineapple or coffee flavored pancake mix, nuts, drinks, clothes, anything really! This is a pineapple lovers dream! They also have Dole Whip (pineapple ice cream which is to die for!).

5) Jump off the bridge in Haliewa

After visiting the Dole Plantation we turned right and just drove by this cute little town. We decided to park at the entrance and just walk and explore.

We came across these boys jumping off a local bridge, so the adventurous girl I am had to convince my dad to let me do it! (I would've done it anyways)...

Without further a due, here's the video!

6) Drive around the perimeter of the whole island

Every inch of this island is gorgeous (if you ignore the plastic on the beaches). It only takes about an hour and a half with no stopping, and longer based on how curious you get!

Below are a few videos from our drive, but even video can't give you the true experience.

7) Watch the sunset in Waikiki

I thought this would be the perfect way to end this post!

I only have the one photo because I was so distracted by the beautiful view.

Most hotels will rent you bikes for free, so we just had to go out for a sunset bike ride.

Waikiki is the touristy part of Oahu, so it will be a bit crowed...but it's definitely worth to see at least once.

Just be ready, the prices in this area are higher because...well...people will pay them.


I hope you enjoyed this post, and you try out everything recommended! :)

Please contact me with any questions you might have!

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