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Diving in the Cayman Islands

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

I haven't dove many places yet, but Grand Cayman has been my ultimate favorite!

I've attached a video at the end of some of the life we saw on this trip! :)

Macabuca/Turtle Farm

This dive shop was great because you can start a tab, and then just call and reserve tanks. They'll leave your gear outside for you to come use even if they're closed . It's basically a trust system. There is also a really delicious restaurant next to the shop, so as soon as you get out you can grab a bite to eat.

We did 2 dives here - one day and one night.

These have not been edited. The water is really this turquoise.

The night dive was the scariest thing I have ever done in my entire life. I'm scared of the dark, so being suspended in the middle of the water column not knowing what is below, above, in front, behind, or next to you minus the small beam of light from your flash light was terrifying. We did spot a few cool creatures though! I almost swam into a sea jelly (I named him squishy ;) ); there is some pretty sweet footage of it in the video below. I will definitely allow myself to get convinced into doing one again...

Eden's Rock

This shop is right off downtown. You wouldn't believe the reef is inside the harbor because it is so beautiful! There were a ton of swim-throughs. I felt like The Little Mermaid - Look at this stuff, isn't it neat??...

Sadly, there was a decent amount of bleaching on this reef... I knew because if I wafted the coral bits of tissue would detach and float away. I am so lucky I got to see the reefs before they bleach completely.


Remember, there is something you can do to slow down the bleaching: pick up trash, recycle, try to avoid using one-time plastics, save energy, and more. No matter how close or far you are from the ocean, you can make a difference.


Colbalt Coast

This was my favorite dive of the entire trip!

Remember in Finding Nemo - the DROP-OFF! Well, I went to the drop-off!

You will never understand how cool this is until you do it!... We're swimming. We're seeing some awesome life; like everything you would imagine in a coral reef - straight up Finding Nemo lol: lionfish, stingray, squirrelfish, parrotfish, tarpon, so many colorful fish. There was even like a little fish highway. But then, I look forward and BAM! Open ocean! Deep blue as far as the eye can see. Look down and BAM! Deep blue as far as the eye can see! You just want to spread your limbs out and fly. We swim down absorbing the beauty of the reef wall, and the depth catches up on us quick, so we head back to shore.

I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life! I wish I had some footage of this scene, but you'll just have to use your imagination. On our way back, I took a second to turn around and just SEE. See the world that very few people have the opportunity to experience.

Here is a video of some of the beauty I saw on this trip.

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Amber Smith
Amber Smith
Aug 11, 2018

Absolutely Amazing!!!!

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