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Why Plastic Straws?

Everyone knows about the movement to stop using plastic straws to save the turtles. When there are much bigger issues affecting our oceans, like oil and mass fishing, why do we focus on a silly little plastic straw?

Photo Credit to: Artist Von Wong

Plastic straws are easy. This movement was created to make people aware of the problem. It won't solve the problem, but it sure will help! It is really difficult for the average, busy human to reach the oil and fishing companies and make a difference (This doesn't mean we shouldn't try). They can, however, bring sustainability into their own home by replacing random little things into more sustainable ones. Creating a sustainable lifestyle starts at home because we choose the products that we want to bring into our lives. This is how we reach the big corporations; by speaking their language and telling them what we are willing to spend our money on.

Cheers to the little victories! Once we succeed at removing one harmful product we can move onto the next until we've reached a zero waste lifestyle. And it is okay to mess up! I mess up all the time... I'll forget my straws, or a reusable cup/bottle, or I'll buy a less sustainable bikini because I can't afford one made properly... But, I do my best and that is all I can ask of you too! Just be aware of your footprint you leave behind on this planet. If not for you then leave it for your grandbabies. To start, all it takes is to quit plastic straws. Will you take the pledge to quit plastic straws?

If you've already done that, follow my guide to a more sustainable lifestyle in12 months.

I know that with little changes we can make a big difference.

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