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The NYC Blackout of 2019

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

On Saturday, July 13 Manhattan lost power across the city. I heard it got up to La Guardia Airport, and parts of Queens.

[I don't not have any specific details, this is just what I heard and experienced.]

The power went out around 7pm. We found out because we were off to get something to eat. We thought for some reason the restaurants were closed early. but more and more of them had no lights. The street lights, and signals were out, so we thought maybe only this block lost power.

As we walked toward Time Square, very few of the TVs were on, and over time they went out also. Let me tell you, Time Square is so weird without lights!

There were fire trucks flying every where because people were stuck in elevators or on the subway. The traffic was awful and taxis were going nuts with their horns.

Every Broadway show got cancelled, and the people attending evacuated. Even Madison Square Garden for J-Lo's concert went out: 20,000 people. As you can imagine, the streets were chaos.

McDonalds and Star Dust Diner were one of the only food joints with power.

However, despite all of the insanity, people were fairly calm. Including the entertaining comments like, "They should keep sounds like they're getting what they want..."!

I'm so grateful that we were on the 6th floor and not the 19th...

No lights, no elevators, no air was like camping but with A LOT more people and no trees...

I strongly recommend carrying a glow stick with you when you travel just in case something like this happens. I've never been so worried about my phone battery.

The power finally came back on around 10:30pm. I had a mini dance party through my window to someone at the hotel next door! :)

It didn't last long, but no one new the actual cause of the problem. It wasn't scary but it was a bit nerve racking.


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