The Greatest City in the World ...or is it?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Last month (June 2018), I went to New York City because my little sister was part of the Rockettes Summer Intensive (she is amazing!..just saying). In summary, I can say I'm glad I went and saw, but I don't want to go back.

Yes, I took this picture :)

Why I didn't like New York

Although New York has some beautiful scenery, and some really cool attractions I wasn't a fan overall. This post is going to be kind of negative, but I'll add links to post about my favorite parts at the bottom!

I don't really have a sense of smell, but as soon as I got off the airplane the air reeked of sewage... Because I'm that person that picks up trash I see on the ground, that's exactly what I did. Eventually I just gave up because the amount of trash was ridiculous - New York City is like a giant landfill...

Everything in New York City is so fast paced. My mom and I were wandering around the city while Karina was in class, and we found ourselves rushing, all the time.

Overall, I was expecting a lot more than I saw. The city had some cool stuff, but it's just another city. I guess I'm not really a city girl.

Here is a list of things I loved!

  • FOOD




  • COLUMBUS CIRCLE- It was right next to where Karina had her intensive, so after a long day of walking we would sit at the top of the fountain and put our feet in the water. It was very relaxing