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Snorkeling in Nusa Islands off of Bali

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I booked a fantastic snorkeling trip around the Nusa Islands!

For 150,000 IDR ($10 USD) we visited 3 spots, got hotel pick up, and a free bottle of water.

We spent 1 hour in each snorkel location. The total trip lasting from about 8am to 12pm.

After getting picked up the group of about 12 go off onto a boat to head out. It's great to meet people from all over the world and hear their stories!

Let me tell you about the snorkel locations :)

Manta Point

Manta Point is off of Nusa Penida.

This area is known for seeing the largest specie of ray: Manta (my spirit animal).

Although these animals can grow up to 18-23 ft in width from wing tip to wing tip, do not be afraid of them. They are gentle giants with a throat about the size of a quarter - they are filter feeders. Also, their stinger does not actually sting, and does not have a barb. They are gentle and slow moving - it looks like they are flying!

I wish this was me...

Unfortunately, I was not lucky and did not get to see one... :( But, at least it give me a reason to come back!

Crystal Bay

Crystal bay is was my favorite spot! The life here was so beautiful! There were many corals of many colors, rainbow parrotfish, pipefish, so many small schools I don't know the name of, and more!

I wish I had a go pro to show you what I saw. I guess you'll just have to go see it yourself.

There was very light coral bleaching. I found it interesting that the closer to shore, the less bleaching there was. It was not a very populated beach; this area is primarity used for snorkeling and diving.

They do have dive trips to this location as well, but because it is fairly shallow I don't think it is worth it to use a tank of air. Snorkeling allows you to see the beauty just fine. :)

Please make sure to be careful to not step on or kick any corals - they are living animals.

Mangrove Point

Mangrove point is primarily covered in corals! There were a lot of staghorn and elkhorn corals, along with many others.

This water is extremely shallow. When snorkeling, the corals may be just a foot under your belly, so you must be careful to not kick or step on any corals (remember these are living animals, not plants). It is best to begin snorkeling from a boat that pulls around. You can schedule a snorkel trip almost anywhere on the island.

Please make sure to be careful to not step on or kick any corals - they are living animals.

I wish you good luck at seeing a manta, and hope that you book this trip for it's a memory you do not want to miss!

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