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4 Questions to Start Planning a Long-term Trip

In December of 2020 during a Covid quarantine, my boyfriend and I were dreaming of all the places we want to travel to. So, what else to do than plan a trip just for fun! That fun random trip became reality really quickly. In this post I will walk you through how to plan a long term trip that is perfect for your goals!

1. Why are you planning this trip?

Do you just want to get away? Are you looking to help people? Do you want to support a cause? Are you visiting friends or family? Do you want an active adventure? Do you just need to relax, and treat yourself? Do you want luxury? Do you want to experience culture? Is it a culinary trip? Are you looking for something specific?

I ask these questions because this will help you narrow down the location of your long term adventure.

2. What is your budget?

How much are you able to spend per month? Do you need to find a job at your destination? Will you be working online? Does the money not matter?

Finding a budget or even a range of a budget will help you determine what destination you go to, how long you will be there, and what you can do and what you can eat while you are there.

3. How long do you want to stay there?

This will also help determine your budget, so you can see how much you can spend per day. Do you want to get a one way ticket, and live till you run out of money? Do you only have vacation time from work? Determining how long you want to be there, helps determine how far away you are willing to travel from the airport and how much you pack and have to lug around.

4. Do you already know where you want to go?

Sometimes it is fun to figure out you destination as you check the boxes to the questions above. Other times, you know exactly where you want to go and need to figure out how to check the boxes above in those places.

In our case, for our trip in Costa Rica, we didn't choose Costa Rica until a month and a half before we left.


This is just the start of your trip planning, but also the most important part! If you would like me to help you plan your dream trip, send me a message with what you have in mind and I'll give you a quote.

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