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Saving the Planet One Coffee at a Time

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

This coffee grower bought a rain forest just to protect it!

I was sitting in Kennesaw Coffee Company thinking about what to write this week. So, I decided to ask the baristas if they were interested in anything related to sustainability or coffee. They told me about their partnership with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers and how they take into high importance the source of their coffee!


I went ahead and looked into the Golden Mountain, and wow! How cool!

Based in Nicaragua, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers take pride in their high quality and sustainable coffee.

How can coffee be sustainable? Well, let me tell you!

They only do direct trade. This means that they are directly involved with getting the coffee from the farm to the coffee shop and reduce their carbon emissions.

They allow their coffee to mature naturally, and every bean is handpicked.

They participate in several sustainable-development projects, like:

  • "Access to credit in a country where access to credit is nearly non-existent;

  • 90% female, computing classes given for free to coffee community youth;

  • Provided an operation and a handicapped house for a young girl so she could walk for the first time;

  • Provide running water in schools far from utility grids;

  • and also help provide textbooks, desks, libraries, and other educational necessities in schools."

They bought a rain forest just to protect it! Rather than just getting certifications, they wanted to fully protect the endangered species living within the forest like the three-toed sloth!

They use volcanic filters to clean the coffee!

They compost the coffee cherries to use as fertilizer!

They cut water usage as much as possible and create jobs for the locals!

They also educate their partners to follow similar practices!

They created a free guide to help other growers in the region combat crop diseases!

They are very transparent, meaning that they share all of their operations on their website!

On top of all that, their coffee is delicious! :)


they use reusable mugs and dishes for those staying in house.

They encourage customers to return their coffee sleeves, and usually get about 2-3 uses out of them!

You can also get a discount for bringing your own cup!

I am so happy to know that their coffee is saving the planet one step at a time!

This is my favorite place to get work done in Kennesaw! Along with the sustainable practices, they all so have a spacious work environment, delicious food and drink, and a super friendly staff!

(This is not a paid promotion).

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