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Let's go to Rome!...Georgia

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I had never heard of Rome until I found myself on a campus tour of Berry College in 2015. Rome, Georgia is a small town in the middle of nowhere. Most people avoid the middle of nowhere with the thought that there's nothing to do. To the blind eye there isn't, but after living here for a year and a half you have to cure your boredom somehow. Get ready to find out the beautiful treasures in one of my favorite little cities.

Fouche Gap

(shown in picture above) 215 Lavender Trail, Rome, GA 30165

is one of my favorite places in Rome! This is a spot at the top of a mountain - great for photos. It's gorgeous during the day, but even prettier at night. From one side you can see over the whole city, and from the other you can see every star in the sky. I laid out there one night and saw 7 shooting stars!

The address above will take you to the last house on that road. Then keep driving, and park at the dead end.

Berry College

is rated #1 on the list of most beautiful universities in the U.S.. Berry also has the largest campus in the world at 27,000 acres. That is a lot land to do a lot of things!

Building Exploring

· The Ford castle (this was my dorm...just saying - the picture to the left does not do it justice) is one of the most beautiful buildings on campus. If you find a student who is willing to let you into the building, there is a way to get on the roof (great photo ops)! But, you didn't hear it from me...

· Frost Chapel is up on mountain campus. It is not open to the public, but the building and surrounding area is gorgeous.

· The House o' Dreams is a cottage and tower built by students for our founder, Martha Berry, in 1922 at the top of Lavender Mountain. Anyone is welcome to drive or hike up the mountain, but if you want to go inside you need to reserve the keys from Oak Hill & the Martha Berry Museum (706-368-6776). From the top of the tower you can see Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and obviously Georgia - a gorgeous view!


· Make your way up to the Reservoir on campus. Take Stretch Road up to Mountain Campus and follow the signs to the Old Mill. You can park there.

The Old Mill doesn't work anymore, but it's something cool to see. Anyways, follow the path for about 25 minutes (avg. walking speed) till you see water. That's the Reservoir! Swimming is technically not allowed, but

there's a tower in the middle of it that you just have to jump off of! Beware of the storm drain... It is basically a right of passage to climb up the drain to get into the reservoir; they even put stairs leading to the base of it...I failed. If you want to attempt this, do so in the fall, not the spring when the drain is still wet...

If you're not into climbing and getting into the reservoir, it is still a beautiful place to hang a hammock and just chill.

(that cement hole is where you come out of the storm drain)

Downtown Rome

Broad St. is the main road of downtown and historic Rome, Georgia. There some super cute shops, and great restaurants.


(These are all places broke college students can afford and love)

· Harvest Moon = delicious pastries

· Swift & Finch = coffee

· Jamwich = all sandwiches have jam in them - surprisingly delicious

· Rome City Brewing Company = LIVE music

· Frios! = popsicles! (These are the popsicles of my life...just saying)

· Las Palmas = $1 tacos Mondays and Thursdays

· Soho Hibachi = Huge portions and yummmmm

I've just listed some of my favorite places to go in Rome. Let me know what treasures you find! I hope you have a great adventure in this beautiful little town.

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