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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

In November 2017, my dad and I went to Hawaii!! After a morning hike we decided to head to the first beach we could find to cool off. When I ran into the ocean I thought a bunch of sticks hit my legs, but when I looked down it was all plastic... Then I looked around the beach, and there was plastic everywhere! I couldn't just do nothing..

Scroll through to see some trash

So, I decided to make a statement. We picked up pieces of rubish to write out "SAVE THE PLANET". After we cleaned up a section of the beach, we turned around and it looked like we didn't do anything because more and more trash washed up... I watched the other people enjoying their time on the beach and not even noticing the garbage because we're used to living around it.. It makes me so sad to see such a beautiful place affected by such small objects.

Please make sure you throw away your trash no matter how inland you live. Don't just save the ocean, save the whole planet. That bottle cap that missed the trash and you just left there because you didn't think it was a big deal just added one more piece of trash to our gorgeous home... Even though I didn't clean up the whole beach, there's now a little less.

Every movement starts with ONE.

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