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How to spend 12 hours in an Airport

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Step 1: Don't... If you have this long in an airport, you better be checking out the city! 🌆

Go explore! 🌎

But, of course there are those situations when you are there at some weird times. I was in JFK from 2:30am till 2:30pm. So yes, I stayed in the airport.

  • Be Productive: Find your self an office space, table, or anywhere with an outlet and get some work done! It's the perfect opportunity when you are not near anyone you know with no distractions to really study, send emails, create content, whatever it is you gotta do! This is your chance to temporarily stop procrastinating!

  • Go into EVERY SINGLE store: Because why not? You don't have to buy anything. Or if you have no self control, put your wallet in a really inconvenient place in your bag. Plus, you might find the perfect souvenir you forgot to get for you mom.

  • FOOOOD: You have sooo many choices! Do yourself a favor and don't eat McDonalds... try something you've never had before! If you wanna save money: you're in an airport... The fast food is just as expensive as a basic dish at a restaurant. And if you're in the airport for a long time it's not like you are in a rush to find your gate. Sit down and eat!

  • Take a nap: Travel time is for catching up on all of that lost sleep. I don't think I've slept as much as I did between 48 hours of travel time to Bali. There are usually a variety of chairs that you can find in an airport, and make sure you have one of those nice neck pillows.

  • Read a book: I am not a reader... but I was able to read half of my book in like 2 hours! I've never really understood how people get into their stories until I read in the airport with zero distractions! So take that book you bought 2 years ago because you thought you were going to read it! Now's your chance!

  • People watch: In my opinion, this is the most entertaining thing to do in an airport. I swear Men in Black is legit, because there are some really funny looking people out there! And, with more than 260,000 passengers daily you definitely have something to look at.

  • Talk to strangers: I know that your parents teach you not to talk to strangers... But, you can meet some really cool people! In New York I was charging my phone at basically the only outlet in the airport, so over 3 hours several people came by to charge up as well. I met this guy who is a world traveling tattoo artist! I met an environmental science professor from China who focuses on Pollution Control! I met the diplomat of Timor-Leste (A small island off of Bali)! There are so many amazing people probably sitting right next to you, but you'll never know unless you talk to them.


If you are flying with China Southern Airlines and have an 8+ hour layover, they will give you a free hotel! Just visit their website so that you can book it at least 48 hours in advance.


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