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How to Plan a Dive

The most important way to be safe on a dive is to plan what you will be doing before you go down. It is much harder to communicate below the surface. I have written a list of things you should think about before diving.

The Day/Night Before

  • Make sure you have all your gear

  • Charge your dive computer, if you have a watch.

  • Pack snacks for between dives

  • Pack a change of clothes

  • Have and pack Dramamine, if you will going on a boat dive

  • Make sure you rented or have a list of everything you will be renting

  • Prep defog (1 part baby soap, 10 part water)

  • For women, pack period products, and hair ties

  • Have your certification card and dive log

  • Charge your camera

The Day Of

  • Eat a light but filling meal

  • Water! and electrolytes

  • Get to the site early enough to sign in, prep your gear, and plan the dive.

  • Take more Dramamine, if going on a boat dive

Before the Dive

  • Who is your dive buddy?

  • Go over hand signals

  • Where are you going? What is the objective of the dive?

  • At what point will you turn around? Half a tank, etc?

  • Which of you is going to lead/navigate?

  • What is your emergency plan?

  • Have you checked out each other's gear to know how it works? Inflate/deflate, weight pockets or belt, purge pulls, etc

  • Is there a line, current, chain, and other water conditions you need to know about?

  • Do you have enough weight?

I'm sure there are more things to think about depending on the type of dive you will be doing, but this is a basic list for the average dive. Please comment with more tips if you have them! The best way to improve is to listen to others.

Enjoy your dive!

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