The Best Restaurants in St. Petersburg, Florida on a budget

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I lived in St. Petersburg, Florida for 2 years! It is my heart! I love it there!

During my time there, I was the definition of a broke college student (well...I still am).

Here are some places I LOVE and won't brake your bank account!

Here is a list of my favorite restaurants in St. Pete!

***Remember this is a tourist town, so everything is expensive... These are just really tasty and on the cheaper side.

***These are in a random order

1. Bodega

If you like a good Cuban sandwich, this place is for you! The also have delicious freshly squeezed juices and smoothies made to order! They make them right in front of you!

I know there's a plastic cup... but we recycled it and used a reusable straw

2. Karma Juice Bar & Eatery

Of all of the places listed this is the most expensive. But! It is so worth it! This a vegan restaurant that makes acai bowls, fresh juices, and a lot of other foods! I've only ever had their bowls, but I can tell you they are to die for! Yumm!

3. Snowballs

Okay! Snow cones are my favorite dessert! There's something so special about shaved ice! The small is $3 for 3 flavors! Pretty good deal! They make all their flavors in house - my favorites are passion fruit and natural lemon! They also have spiked snowballs with alcohol!

4. Caddy's on the Beach, Gulfport

When I lived in St. Pete this place was called Manatees. It is a bar at the end of main street in downtown Gulfport. It's a two-story bar/restaurant and the view is amazing! I would come here once to twice a week sometimes! I recommend sitting upstairs, getting a drink, and looking of into the beautiful bay at sunset.

Here is a photo of the view and my friend Alyssa

5. Sea Salt

I lied before... Sea Salt is the most expensive place on this list... BUT NOT AT HAPPY HOUR (3-6pm)!! This is an oyster bar. They also have the largest wine cellar in Florida (it has an elevator!). The real exciting part is that they have 45 different kinds of salt you can try! They give you your own personal oil plate and you put the salt in there and try it with bread.

6. Hacienda

Do you want some delicious Mexican??? This restaurant on St. Pete beach is hidden in a corner and shares a building with an Italian restaurant. There food is super flavorful and their lunch menu is a really good price!

7. La Casa del Pane

YUM! This is authentic French/Italian food! I usually go for breakfast, but everything on their menu looks great! They are only open for breakfast and lunch. They're also like a little market from Italy with food you can take home to prepare yourself!

8. Larry's Ice Cream

This little ice cream shop on St. Pete Beach has over 100 original flavors of ice cream or gelato! They also have mini donuts and if your lucky they'll give you a free sample. The ice cream/gelato is so good, and they top it off with an animal cracker :)

9. Mazzaro's Italian Market

Last but not least is this gem! This is a full on, I just stepped into Italy, market. They have a meat section, cheese section, coffee section, dessert section, an already prepared/made order food section, and any kind of Italian ingredient you could need! They're prices are really great too!

10. Skyway Jacks

This place has the BEST breakfast! They give you huge portions for cheap! Their cornbread muffins are to die for! It's a tiny shop that is always busy! It's kind of like the diners in the movies where all the servers yell at each other! :P They give you coffee is completely random mugs, and there are bizarre signs all over the place! It's very entertaining and delicious!

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